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Experience: Awesome productivity with ClojureScript's REPL

What's the deal with ClojureScript? How can you justify picking such a "niche" language? I have recently experienced a "wow" session, demonstrating the productivity gains of ClojureScript and the interactive development it enables thanks to its REPL…

Experience Report: Hiring for Clojure(Script) is Easy

Our experience shows that hiring people for a Clojure(Script) project is relatively easy (in Oslo, Norway) despite a market where demand exceeds supply. But it is important to use the right channels to reach the right people.

From JavaScript to Clojure(Script): Writing a webshop, again

In which I explain why Norway's second largest mobile operator is experimenting with using Clojure and ClojureScript instead of Node and JavaScript for its new webshop and what the experience has been so far.