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MMy first month of Rust

30.01.20208 Min Read

A month ago I have started learning Rust and would like to share my impressions, the good things I have appreciated, and the things I have struggled with. Why Rust, do you ask? Primarily to challenge…

HHow Clojure helped us recover from bad data

02.12.20195 Min Read

On a calm autumn morning we got a desperate call from our customer service. Our biggest customer had just started a pilot of our "expense share" functionality - and was missing half of their data. And…

Open Source Projects


Last Update: Thu Feb 06 2020 19:54:30
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Github pull request resource for Concourse


Last Update: Thu Jan 30 2020 05:08:48
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Securely populate environment variables using KMS/SSM/Secrets manager on AWS.


Last Update: Tue Jan 07 2020 01:19:42
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Terraform module which creates Fargate ECS resources on AWS.