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Should you standardise tools in your company?

Posted 19.06.2023 — 9 min read
In many companies, especially large companies, there will usually be some sort of process for acquiring and approving software for use in the company. These processes can be quite fast and agile, or…


Posted 6/10/2022
In this episode Arnt Rist Isachsen is visiting , to talk about assumptions and UX design. As one of the newest additions to the developement here team at Enterprise Portals. in Telia . todays Reccom...

Impostor Syndrome

Posted 5/18/2022
Episode 4 2022 - In This Episode Håkon and Hannah are having a conversation with our team member Cyrielle Albert, and the theme for the talk is Impostor syndrome. This episodes recommendations . Cy...

UX matters: Improving Page Load Performance

Posted 22.01.2022 — 11 min read
Working in different areas as a developer requires you to emphasize on different features of a website. A lot depends on who and for what purpose is the product made for. If a website is made for…

Pure React

Posted 06.12.2021 — 3 min read
When I first started learning JavaScript (which was only a couple years ago), React was already a pretty big thing. And so I joined the club and started coding in React. And like a lot of people I…

Telia Design System: Why and how are we building one?

Posted 26.06.2021 — 3 min read
You may have heard, last year the global Design System team was established, and we’ve been building something that all countries and teams could benefit from. We call it Voca, and we’d like to tell…