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CCross Platform Builds & its merrits

19.02.20194 Min Read — In Development

We've recently been developing a cross platform application. In its core, it is not cross-platform as in mobile versus desktop, but moreso one language intertwined with another. Let's walk through our…

RReact & JavaScript Workshop

08.02.20196 Min Read — In Learning

This is a short summery about the engineering workshop in UiT university. Motivation We, at Telia, are encouraged to share our knowledge and contribute to the community. One of the main contributions…

Open Source Projects


Last Update: Wed Feb 13 2019 02:24:16
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Github pull request resource for Concourse


Last Update: Thu Nov 29 2018 10:16:00
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Securely populate environment variables using KMS/SSM/Secrets manager on AWS.


Last Update: Thu Jan 10 2019 15:29:13
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Terraform module which creates Fargate ECS resources on AWS.