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We exchanged Babel&TSC for SWC and it was worth it!

Posted 29.03.2021 — 4 min read
After reading about SWC, and how it is supposed to be both a transpiler á la babel and a typescript compiler, while doing both blazingly fast, we wanted to check if it could improve our build times…

Micro frontends with Webpack Module Federation

Posted 22.03.2021 — 8 min read
Micro frontends with Module Federation This article explains how our team has implemented a micro frontend architecture using Webpack Module Federation. If you're interested in understanding why we…

Why We Chose Micro Frontends

Posted 22.03.2021 — 6 min read
Our task was to merge two existing apps, and in the same process, merge two existing teams. The existing apps were MinBedrift – an enterprise mobile self-service application – and MinPortal – an…

My first month of Rust

Posted 30.01.2020 — 8 min read
A month ago I have started learning Rust and would like to share my impressions, the good things I have appreciated, and the things I have struggled with. Why Rust, do you ask? Primarily to challenge…

How Clojure helped us recover from bad data

Posted 02.12.2019 — 5 min read
On a calm autumn morning we got a desperate call from our customer service. Our biggest customer had just started a pilot of our "expense share" functionality - and was missing half of their data. And…