Engineering & UX Podcast

Episode 04 - Clojure

Posted 4/19/2021
In the 4th episode of Telia dev and UX podcast, we talk with Jakub Holý about why Clojure is awesome and why it is anyway a hard sell to developers. Resources mentioned: * Paul Graham's essay, Beati...

Episode 03 - How to do UX design

Posted 4/12/2021
In this episode, we have Jørgen Stensrud from the UX team talking about user experience in Telia. How do we work with UX, why is it important, and which tools do we work with. 1. Hosting and independ...

Episode 02 - Micro Frontends

Posted 3/29/2021
In this second episode, we discuss micro frontends - what are they, and how have they worked in our enterprise portals team. Links mentioned in this episode: 1. Why micro frontends: https://engine...

Episode 01 - Social Home Office

Posted 3/22/2021
Welcome to our brand-new podcast! In this episode we talk about a few of the things we do to stay social and productive in our mandated home offices....