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EExperience Report: Hiring for Clojure(Script) is Easy

2018-03-152 Min Read — In clojure

Our experience shows that hiring people for a Clojure(Script) project is relatively easy (in Oslo, Norway) despite a market where demand exceeds supply. But it is important to use the right channels to reach the right people. As I have written…

TToday we write the legacy code of tomorrow

2016-07-203 Min Read — In Learning

Our code is a mess. And that is the way it should be. No matter how good code we write today, it will need to be fixed tomorrow. Our understanding of the business domain evolves, the business processes and needs themselves evolve, the technical tools…

WWhy we practice fronted-first design (instead of API-first)

2015-12-051 Min Read — In Learning

Alex has introduced us to the idea of front-end first design: You start by creating the front-end (browser) code. As you discover data or API calls that you need, you mock them. When the UI stabilizes, you use the mocked APIs and data to create the…

MMoving Too Fast For UX? Genuine Needs, Wrong Solutions

2015-11-121 Min Read — In Learning

Our UX designer and interaction specialist – a wonderful guy – has shocked us today by telling us that we (the developers) are moving too fast. He needs more time to do proper user experience and interface design – talk to real users, collect…

NNettbutikk: The No Status Standup Experiment

2015-11-011 Min Read — In Learning

A part of the series Nettbutikk Team's Experiences and Experiments The Nettbutikk team likes to challenge all established truths. Jakob Lind has come with with an excellent question: do we need standups? Do we all need to stand in front of our…

UUpgrade or not to upgrade? The eternal dilemma

2015-10-202 Min Read — In Learning

A part of the series Nettbutikk Team's Experiences and Experiments Handling dependencies is one of important challenges in any software project - and especially in the fast-moving JavaScript world. Our Nettbutikk team just had a heated discussion…